Claims inspection
have never been easier.
No piloting required: The first drone without a pilot dedicated to insurance adjuster.

Rapid aerial image capture for better claim inspections makes the inaccessible visible. The sky view allows a more accurate estimate of the extent
of damage for fair compensation

Your inspections within minutes

Save time by flying over fields while capturing high res images. reduces exploration and measurements times to minutes, allowing you to focus on your core expertise. allows you quickly to:

Select the zone to cover.
Transfer images on site from drone to tablette.
Modify drone position for precise capture.
Calculate density without sampling.

A flying camera, accessible to all. is 100% autonomous meaning that the drone takes off, flies, captures and comes back to land without any human intervention.
No piloting skills required: an intuitive iPad app will guide you through the steps qui quickly select the zone to cover and launch the mission, then collect informations to complete the claim within seconds.

Intuitive app.

With on your iPad, control flight and analyse images in high definition then add them to the claim directly on your tablet!

Safe and reliable system.

Before every flight, the system operates pre-flight checks: from rotors to GPS signal quality to battery level, everything needs to be confirmed before every mission, ensure a safe and efficient flight. offering

The drone.
Apps and flight analysis.
Pilot training and certification.
Dedicated support team.

Stay tuned.

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